It's what we were created to do.


It has shaped our past, it defines our present, and it guides our future.


It's about more than the melodies, rhythms, beats, riffs, and instruments.


It's about our response, who we value, and how we live.


It's about the crescendo of praise, the articulation of truth, and the chorus of voices that lift up the NAME that is above every other name.


Our vision is to lead, equip, and inspire generations of musicians, worshipers, and followers of Christ.


We believe in God-centered and Gospel-focused worship.


We believe that music has the power to move us, but Scripture has the power to transform us.


We believe that through Christ's death and resurrection, we have a "new and living way" to draw near to God, expressed through our worship and our lives.



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10815 Fallstone Rd

Houston, Texas 77099


(281)568-0831 ext. 206

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