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Worship Q&A Panel

We're adding questions every day! 

How do you still worship if you have no musical talents?


Everyone has a musical talent.  It’s called your voice. Everyone has one.  With very few exceptions, anyone can be a good singer.  Practice honing your singing, and it will become good over time.


How do you play with people who lack confidence?


Encouragement is key.  Understand where they are at musically and spiritually and adapt the music around what they feel comfortable doing.  Often times, people will leave the worship team if they feel like they’re not good enough, so make sure that they feel like they’re contributing.

How do you “convey more emotion” in your voice?


Great question! When we sing, we are not only speaking words, but we are also giving them pitch, tone, harmony, intensity, expression, and emotion. Considering the lyrics and being more intentional about how you sing them engages the emotions of the truth that you’re singing. In that sense, “conveying more emotion” can be something that comes naturally out of your emotional and spiritual connection with the words of the song.

When or where should I harmonize in songs without being too prominent?


The best way remains to listen to bands that do this well, such as Shane and Shane, or All Sons and Daughters. Consider the lyrics, intensity, and momentum of songs and harmonize according to where you think a harmony will add the most value to your team.  Learning how to do backup vocals in a way that supports but also encourages your main vocalist is an important part of building your team members up in love and truth!


How do you balance practice time and playing time in rehearsals?


As stewards of God’s gifts of musical ability, we are called to be diligent in our practice and preparation. Before rehearsal starts, make sure that you put in some time familiarizing yourself with the music that will be practiced at the rehearsal, and also reach out to your team leader to find out what their expectations and requests might be for your particular part. You reaching out will also help your leader start to put the pieces together before the practice if they haven’t already.


Is it ok to do bad/not so great in worship?


2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “But He [God] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” What a joy and pleasure divine to know that our God works this way! Rest easy in the knowledge that God is strong when we are weak, and that it is at the end of ourselves that we find that Christ is enough. In the end, we don't have very good means of knowing whether the set we led or were a part of was "good" or not, only God knows! So we give it to Him and continue in faithfulness.


As a drummer, how do you know if you are playing too loudly or too softly?


Drums will naturally be the loudest, most distinct voice in the band.  Play confidently, but follow the dynamic road map. Be aware also of what your team is playing, as well as the venue that you're playing in. As with most things, awareness will go a long way!

Will there be AV training in future JAMS?


What an interesting question! Worship team members who are well versed in the basics of mixing and A/V setup are always valuable assets. Maybe a topic for future JAM workshops? We’ll absolutely consider it.

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